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Striving for greater growth as a new distribution center in southern Fukuoka Prefecture
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The Port of Miike
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The Port of Miike

Miike Port opened in 1908 as the loading port for Miike coal and was designated in 1951 as a major ports. In 1971, Fukuoka Prefecture took over management of the port and, after the Miike coal mines closed in 1997, has been working with the national government to build public port facilities such as wharves and ship routes. In 2006, a regular international container route was established and Miike Port took a new step forward as an international port of trade.

As Miike Port is located on the Ariake Sea which is known for extreme high and low tides, a water door was installed to maintain water depth inside the dock at low tide. Furthermore, in order to prevent sand buildup, a long sand control wall dike was built alongside the ship routes in a shape that is said to resemble a bird flapping its wings.

Port of Miike Timetable
1908: Work started on port construction;
designated an open port in compliance with tariff laws.
1951: The Port Law was instituted;
designated an Important Port.
1954: Designated a port for the import of grains.

Designated a port for the import of lumber.


Fukuoka Prefecture assumes port management.

1994: Designated a port for the import of rice.
1998: Joint use of public sector berths began.
1999: Harbor plan authorized.
2003: A change in the harbor district was authorized.
Designated a recycling port.

Foreign trading regular container sea route going into service


The 100 anniversary of Miike port opening

The Port of MiikeFrom the Port of Miike to Asia and the World

Kyushu plays an important role as the hub of the Asian network. Our aim is to solidify our coexistence with Asia as a port located at the heart of Kyushu, and to become an international port that incorporates a vision of trade with the world.
A port open to the region

Omuta has evolved beyond its original role as a town dependent on the mining industry and is now involved in fostering new municipal development. As part of that effort, the Port of Miike is the center of expectations as a core area for development in the eastern Ariake region, and is a mainstay supporting Omuta's growth. It is hoped that the port will be further utilized in the future as a regional distribution center, including such facilities as the Omuta Technopark and other industrial parks in the Port of Miike support area.

A port open to the world

The Port of Miike has a favorable location near the Asian land mass. While it is 1,000 kilometers from Tokyo, it is just 600 kilometers from Incheon and 900 kilometers from Shanghai. It is projected to handle increasing amounts of trade in conjunction with the rapid economic growth in mainland Asia.
Fukuoka Prefecture's objective is to be open to and grow together with an increasingly prosperous and dynamic Asia. The Port of Miike hopes to play a role as a hub for trade with countries throughout the world, focused on Asia.

A convenient port

The Port of Miike offers the potential for safe and consistent port use. The maximum water depth at high tide is 12.3 meters, enabling the entry of large vessels in the 20,000 DWT class.
The coastal area will be efficiently utilized in the future to create an international distribution center and a port that is more functional and convenient.

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